Image from Blonde
2005 Southwest regional tour
Photo by Oliver Berry / The Ark

About Cscape Dance Company

“We make dance for people, inside and outside, above and below the ground. We create performance and education projects that give people the confidence to immerse themselves in contemporary performance. We are inspired by the landscape and community of Cornwall. Whatever our project, we attack it with passion and creativity, hoping to be more brave and bold than the project before.” Sally Knight, Artistic Director.

Cscape began more than ten years ago. With a commitment to blending imaginative physical theatre with energetic choreography, our over-arching ambition is to make contemporary dance accessible and engaging.  We’ve enjoyed everything from rural touring to international tours with Kneehigh Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. We work hard to ensure our work translates across venue size and location without compromising artistic integrity.

To do this, we collaborate with dancers, actors, writers, film makers, designers and musicians; all of whom make work that resonates with our commitment and our sense of humour. This results in performances and projects that are punchy and absorbing, use strong narratives, a delightful display of characterisation, creating a visual, physical feast for audiences of all ages. 

We are passionate about taking high quality dance theatre into remote corners of the UK. All of our work can support audience development across a wide range of venues including arts centres, village halls, schools, community centres, gardens, festivals and of course, theatres. 

No village hall is too small. No theatre is too large. No seashore is too wet. No garden is too dry. We will happily don waders and dance in the mud!

‘From start to finish Cscape are poetry for the eyes… and should not be missed’ Western Morning News.