Perran Tremewan

If the Shoe Fits

‘If the Shoe Fits’ toured in 2012-2014 to 52 venues across the UK, from The Lowry in Manchester to Penlee Park in Penzance.

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Funded by FEAST and Arts Council England

When Emily pays a visit to Nicefits Shoe Emporium, she soon realises it is no ordinary shop!

Hidden inside every box is shoe with a story to tell, from slippers that speed up time to the cowboy boots of Dustbowl Bill. But the question is, which shoes should Emily choose?

‘If the Shoe Fits’ is a 55 minute theatre show created for children aged 3 and above. The show transports children into the magical world of a very special kind of shoe shop, where every box contains it’s own special story.

The performers bring the shoes and their stories to life using physical theatre, dance, story-telling and music, creating a delightful visual world that engages children in tales of new shoes, old shoes, shoes with laces and velcro, and even a re-telling of the Emperors new…shoes!

Choreographed by Helen Tiplady, Written by Anna Maria Murphy, Directed by Simon Harvey (both Kneehigh Theatre), Designed by John Keys and with Music by Benji Bower, this is a delightfully interactive show for children and adults alike.

So join Cscape and jump feet first into a very special kind of shoe shop!

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