Photo: Somersault Festival


In July 2015, the Cscape company took up their tents, wellies and gas stoves, and travelled in a convoy of camper-vans and VW Beetles all the way to Somersault Festival in North Devon. There, the company spent a week creating Neptunalia in the beautiful gardens of the Castle Hill Estate, in either blazing sunshine or pouring rain. Performed twice, the show was a sell out and a hit with the audience, some of whom said it was the best thing they’d seen at the festival. Leaving with glowing cheeks (due to a mixture of pride and sunburn), Cscape are looking forward to revisiting Neptunalia in the future. Below is a transcript of the programme from the performance at Somersault.

Brought to you by Cscape Dance Company and created for Somersault Festival, come and celebrate the Neptunalia with us!
One storm filled day, when the clouds were the colour of a bad temper, something washed up on the shingly beach that was neither fish nor bird nor boat.  From the cliffs the dog walkers, bird spotters, flower pickers, lovers, wives and husbands, speculated. Seal? Mermaid? Torpedo?

Join in the journey, discover the story, dance with us along the way and find your way to the Neptunalia ball!

Artistic Director: Sally Knight
Lead Performers: Emily Dobson, Jessamin Landamore, Sioda Martin, Robert Mennear, Suzie West
Apprentice Performers: Leigh Burrows, Gil Ratcliffe, Abbey Siswick, Alice Smith
Writing: Anna Maria Murphy
Costume and Design: Fiona Chivers
Costumes Made By: 1st Year Costume Students at Plymouth College of Art and Design
Production Manager: Martin Fenton
Producer: Antony Waller and DanceRepublic2
Project Manager: Millie Jones
Crew: Tim Spring, Iggy Knight and Joe Coyne
Workshop Leader: Sarah Waller

This show has been created especially for Somersault and this site, over the preceding days before the festival, as part of the wider research and development phase of Neptunalia. We hope to develop Neptunalia for future touring and would love to hear your thoughts about the show.  Please get in touch through email, Facebook or twitter!

Cscape will be touring a new show ‘Taste’ over the Autumn of 2015 and Spring of 2016 to theatres, arts centres and rural touring schemes across the UK. Check our website for forthcoming tour dates.

Watch this space…

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