Image from Road to the Beach
June 2004
Image by Morgan Lowndes

Road to the Beach

June 2004

Road to the Beach was a huge site-specific event that took place along Watergate Bay, near Newquay in Cornwall.

This mammoth project was headed by Kevin Finnan and Motionhouse, and led to Cscape working with the company for six weeks on the beach to create a unique and ambitious spectacle combining educational work with local schools and live choreography involving a team of professional dance artists.

After several weeks of work, the project ended with a spectacular promenade performance including specially developed work by the company of sixteen dancers, supplemented by movement work and art installations developed by ten school groups from all across Cornwall.

Audiences were greeted by huge sand castles, forests of flags, masses of beach windmills and an unforgettable choreographed dance by four JCBs! 

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